Chevron IT:   Retirees & Friends

Holiday Luncheon

Welcome to the Chevron Information Technology Retirees and Friends Holiday Luncheon web site.  It has been created to help you register to attend our annual event; usually held the first Monday in December at a restaurant near San Ramon.

For 21 years, the company hosted get-togethers that included retirees in the five western states, certain bay area employees with 30 or more years’ service, and selected members of management.  This ended in 1997, and we began self-hosting a luncheon in 1998.

There are no restrictions on who may attend.  In fact, folks who worked for Information Technology or Computer Services may not have retired from those entities, and may not be on our list.  Some may still be working in affiliated areas, or outside the company entirely. 

Please pass on information about the luncheon and web site to others, as they may not be aware of it – and might like to join us.

Our 2019 luncheon will be on Monday, December 9.