How Registration works ...

  • Click on Continue below
  • Fill out the Registration form and click on Submit
  • A Registration Confirmation will be displayed on your screen and a copy  will also be e-mailed to the address you furnished.
  • Print a copy of either of these confirmations and snail mail it, along with your check, to Tom Reif.
  • Click on ”When finished click here” at the bottom of the Registration Confirmation form, unless you need to register another.
  • To Register additional people, use your browser’s BACK button while still viewing (and after printing) the original Registration Confirmation page.  This takes you back to the fill-in form.  Make changes on any of the fields and click on Submit again.  A new Registration Confirmation page with the changes will be displayed on your screen.  Print a copy and snail mail it, along with your other registration confirmations to Tom Reif.  (A copy of each registration will be e-mailed to the e-mail address furnished on the form e-mail field.  If you do not get your email confirmation shortly after submitting your information, check your SPAM folder.)